the things summer brings….

a few weeks ago, the girls and I were cuddling in bed and we decided to ‘write’ letters to each other, only we said them out loud.

Big A’s went something along the lines of “Dear Mom, I love you, will you scratch my back and lie with me for 5 minutes? Love, A”

Little C’s went “Dear Mom, I like the things that summer brings.  the grass is green, and bugs are loud, the sky is blue and brown.  Dear Mom”

We had a little chuckle at her silliness and went about our business.

Until later that week, when Little C donned her beach hat and decided to have an impromptu singing extravaganza in our backyard.  Midway through her song and dance, she started to sing her little diddy about the things that summer brings, with some serious twirling and catapulting of her hat.  Without futher ado, here is little C in all her glory, singing about green grass, the blue and brown sky and loud bugs…

 happy tuesday!

Sweet Shot Day


8 comments on “the things summer brings….

  1. Buckeroomama says:

    Oh, glorious! I love it when a child (or an adult!) does that… =)

  2. Oh my gosh! They are SO cute. This was the most fantastic post. And your new blog makeover is all sorts of lovely. Wow. WOW.

  3. Kelly Golden says:

    Love it! You really captured that little girls spirit. Can’t wait to see if she will be on stage or on screen when she grows up.

  4. Maddy says:

    I see a little artist in your future!! Between her singing, dancing and creativitiy , a colorful future surely awaits 🙂

  5. emily says:

    What a doll. She’s so adorable with that hat!

  6. Tamar says:

    So adorable!! Love the hat and twirly skirt!! So precious!

  7. Tara says:

    So so cute, love all of these captures!!

  8. Kelleyn says:

    Love the first photo! Love summer hats!

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