This week was musikfest in our hometown, which is an annual 10 day event filled with music, arts, beer tents and the chicken dance. Its been going on since the mid-80’s and I’m not sure if I should be proud of this or not, but Dave and I have gone every single year. As our lives have changed and grown, our appreciation for musikfest has also morphed, but one thing remains the same…its 10 days filled with lots of music and friends.

We took the girls down on saturday afternoon and hit up some of the free concerts. Luckily the girls love music, so we can wander around quite a bit before they become antsy and agitated with all the walking they have to do. And, cute guitar players (that have an uncanny resemblence to Robert Patters@n) take some of that sting away 🙂

One of the vendors was selling these amazing African drums and had some metal bells to go along with them. They were really nice folks, and very accomodating to everyone’s kids who wanted to stick around and bang on them.

Big A figured out the intro to Low Rider on this one…I am so proud of her!

These are our mugs for the day. Mugs are a very important part of festing and every year a new mug is released. The ones without the lid are old school, ones with the lid are newer. There are two schools of thought on the mugs…one is that the old ones are better because they are smaller and easier to manage, the second is that the newer ones are better because they are insulated and have lids. I am team small mug. They both hold the same amount of beer, so why carry the extra bulk? If you need the lid to catch your beer from spilling, then either put the mug down while you dance, or maybe its time to head on home.

yeah, aunt Jen!

fortunately we picked a great day to go festing with the girls, because that same night and the next day were a total washout with some pretty heavy rain that hit. That guy with the African drums? I read in the paper that his drums were found floating down the stream that had flooded 😦

team small mug is signing off…have a great week!
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